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Deploy Models with Triton Inference Server


Clone the fastnn repository.

Add NVIDIA's python package index and install FastNN/Triton Inference Server client

sh ./scripts/

Local Deployment

Requirements: - Docker 19.03+

GPU Inference Requirements:

Local deployment of the Triton Server uses the EXPLICIT model control mode. Local models must be explicitly specified with the --load-model argument in ./scripts/

export MODEL_REPOSITORY=$(pwd)/model_repository
sh ./scripts/

Helm Chart install in Kubernetes Cluster

Requirements: kubectl 1.17+, Helm 3+, Kubernetes 1.17+

You can currently install the local FastNN helm chart with the following instuctions:

cd ./k8s
helm install fastnn .
export MODEL_REPOSITORY=$(pwd)/model_repository

Note: The current local helm chart installation deploys Triton using the NONE model control mode. All models available in the S3 Model Zoo will be deployed...good luck. Deployed models and model control mode can be edited in the helm chart deployment configuration file.